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American Luxury


Getting off work, people always love to stay in a warm, cosy, and stylish house. This client does as well. He also noted that "I love the American culture. I want my home to look gorgeous too.". We listened to our client. Then we designed an American luxury home for him.

Colours and Shapes

Light grey is the primary colour in this house, with wood grain and white ornamentation. This house was designed extraordinarily to look gorgeous. Simultaneously, this design also presents a sense of peace and harmony. What most catches the attention are the marbles applied in the dining room and living room. They are the shining embellishment to balance the gorgeous style and colour.

The room skillfully looks relaxing and bright with other ornamentations, such as arcs and furnishings in dark colours.

Exquisite American Design

The working room placed behind the sofa is divided by a sliding glass door. If our client needs a private home office, slide to shut the door. If our client wants to enjoy a broader living room and more natural lighting, slide to open the door. This remarkable design helped our client utilize every inch of the house skillfully.

In the bedrooms, simply looking around is light wood colour. The line pattern in American style is a booster to make the room look bigger visually and hide the massive storage space. Our unique design and this American luxury home bring an upgrade to our client's life quality to an unprecedented level.

Location: The Campton, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon

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