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Bright Minimalism


"I appreciated your design back then, so this time I want your design team to be in charge of my home again. I want my house to look bright, clear, and elegant", our client especially stated. "It is my pleasure to design your house again after three years. Thank you for your appreciation of our heartfelt service and professionals.", our designer replied. This is how this project got started.

Steps to Expectation

To meet the expectation of our clients, our designer utilized every possible material in building this personalized home. Painting the house with creamy white and wood colour was the first step that presented an atmosphere of relaxation and tidiness. Then we placed the light white cabinets in the house, which were sleek, and had clear lines to make the house look clean and minimalist. Simultaneously it offered massive storage space.

Thoughtful Design

Using the contrast of dark and light wood grain, we designed to present various visual impacts and styles. In the living room, we also thoughtfully leave some spaces on the shelves and in the cabinets for storage, having a clear plan of not wasting every inch of the house.

Satisfied the Need and Life

The open kitchen is another focus in this project that the kitchen could share the same bright lighting with the dining room and visually widen the living room areas. The kitchen island is made of marbles signifying the elegance our client expected. It also extended the space for preparing meals and allowed our client to enjoy a space-unlimited and joyful cooking time at home.

Location : Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong Island

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