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European Light Luxury


One of the extraordinary professional designs in this project is the irregular-shaped ceiling embedded with lighting, which is innovative to design ceiling and lighting with polygons. Due to our exquisite design, every corner of this non-quadrilateral room is evenly brightened. The foyer and living room are decorated with marble grain and paved with Herringbone flooring to connect different areas in the house. A sense of unification is presented.


Volakas White and Dark Green are the main colours in the house. They are multi-functional because they can be a good divider visually to divide the areas, simultaneously creating an impressive visual contrast in colouring. Apart from that, the full-body mirrors and hidden doors are also installed to visually maximise the space.


The bedrooms' light wood color also presents the Nordic tranquility and simplicity our clients love. We specially designed a platform bed and a sleek white cupboard in the master bedroom to expand the storage space. As for the children's bedrooms, wood grain is the main ornamentation to fill our client's children with comfort and warmth.


Considering the required massive storage space and the European designed style, we placed different display cupboards and full-body cabinets in the house. Some are in the living and dining room, some are in the kitchen, and some are in the foyer. Convenience is in our client's hands. Moreover, most of them are euro-style, having the European sleek and straight lines ornamentation, to give our clients a familiarity of living in a lovely European hub.

Location : Cascades, Ho Min Tin, Kowloon

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