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Light Luxury


In this project, our designer Mike brings this exquisite design to life. Our team took good care of our clients' needs to renovate the house. Inspired by the shape of circles, massive storage spaces are hidden in every corner you hardly think of, especially in present-day Hong Kong, an inch of land is an inch of gold. The unique colours and lining pattern made the house more harmonious and vigorous in building an ideal home.

Living Room

The fusion of different materials is the wow factor in this project. It is not only achieved by the spectacular materials offered but also by the professional design ideas and skills we present. Such as the marbles are designed to fill the room with luxury and modernity. The oak blended into the house diffuses the sense of light luxury that every one of you can afford.

Master Bedroom

Full overlay cabinets are the staple in this project. With the ornaments of white gauze curtains and the natural greige colour, our designer smartly keeps the house warm and plain under the elegance we created. More interestingly, the steel embracing the glass door also tells you which area in the house you are standing at, the master bedroom or master bathroom. This is like a piece of fascinating modern art.

Children Bedroom

"What colours are your child's favourite?" we asked before renovation. "My kids are a pair of boy and girl twins. I want to decorate the rooms with their favourite colours, blue and pink." our client said. We listened to our client and used Dirty Pink and Dusty Blue to decorate his kids' secret places. They do not only give the children joy, but they also stand for luxury recognized by the fashion veteran. "My kids love the rooms so much. I appreciate your service", feedback from our client. Sea, sky, and cosy house, no one would dislike.

Location: City Garden, Hong Kong

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