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Exquisite Luxury


Rose Gold Stainless Steel represents eternity and luxury, and simultaneously the marbles represent purity and elegance. Our designer smartly put the gorgeous marble-and-steel-made cabinet to divide the foyer and the living room. Many religious collections are placed in the display cabinet, with the glass features wall well-matched together.

Marbles and stainless steel are the central ornamentation in the house, as you can see from the decorative stainless steel walls and dropped ceilings to the floor paved with white marble. They all look elegant and luxurious.

Walls and Lighting

Our team cleverly utilized the theory of diffuse reflection. The bright colour can diffuse the light evenly with the white wood-made narrow strips on the ceiling and the brushing lacquer on the walls. They also help diffuse the sense of warmth and widen the spaces visually. More interestingly and conveniently, the tone of the lighting is selectable. Our clients can change it whenever they want to.

Custom-made Display Cabinets

We made a vast four-layer sliding display cabinet for this house to maximize the luxurious style. It is made of solid wood with rose gold stainless steel ornaments. This custom-made cabinet required our experienced team to collaboratively measure everything on the spot because we always seek to provide our clients with the perfect and heartfelt service, which does not allow any imperfection and error in our designs and projects.

What's noteworthy is that this display cabinet is highly multifunctional. The side without the sliding door shows the gorgeous collections our clients have, while the other side with the sliding door is for all kinds of storage.

Smart Home

Through the Smart Home application downloaded on the smartphone, our clients can easily control the lighting, curtains, and such electronic devices at any moment and any place. They can also monitor the outside-the-door situation. The application also allows them to choose the colours of the dropped ceiling. From all aspects, our design detailedly satisfied the needs and life of our client, high-quality yet minimalistic.

Location: Ocean Pride, Tsuen Wan, New Territories

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