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Tranquil Warmth


Design is like a mirror of our client's lifestyles. "I want a tidy and comfy home. I also want a quiet reading space, especially for me.", our client added.

Custom-fit Bookshelf

Our design team featured a simple and modern style to suit all their needs. "We hope to create a beautiful home and make every inch of space practical," our designer remarked. As the client required a quiet area and had no need for a television, we thus did not place any television and TV cabinet in the living room.

We took the British furnishings into account for our clients. We put a custom-fit and large bookshelf in the living room for display and storage. It is against the wall to function as a second-to-none feature wall. What caught your eyes is that we created unique focal points for every room, including the long desk and wall bed in the study and the doubled bed in the bedroom.

Glass Furnishings

A round glass dining table in the dining room and a sliding glass door in the kitchen were designed to make the room brighter with the natural light piercing through. These designs helped keep consistency in style and create a sense of spaciousness.

Ornamentation and Colours

Our designer blended the casual style hit in Korea into decorating the bedroom. The light and wood colours were designed to build up the atmosphere of laziness. White colour, green plants, and simple drawings are placed all over the house to bring in a natural and warm lifestyle that our client and all of you would love to enjoy.

Location : Taikoo Shing, TaiKoo, Hong Kong Island

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