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Modern European


Back in the middle age, only the nobles were qualified to use the blue colour because it represented elegance. Therefore, to bring the elegant style and high-quality life that our client requested, our designer adopted various shades of blue, supplemented with other muted colours for the renovations of this house.

Space and Plannings

Our team designed a marble television wall in the living room that has been a gorgeous visual impact. Plus the bright blue sizeable L-shaped sofa placed in the area, it presents a feeling of vigour. The house is an outstanding art. The blue cabinets with lines in the kitchen also gorgeously echoed and unified the design in the living room. A hidden door connected the bedroom and the living room was also painted white with straight lines, which widened the space visually and diffused a feminine charm.

Flooring and Lighting

Herringbone Flooring with light colour is another noticeable design when looking at the floor. This was to make the house look fashionable and energetic. Utilizing this house's spectacular view and lighting, we also used decorative lines, wood, and steel to unify the windowsill and other interior parts, exquisitely constructing a tidy home.

Custom-fit Design

Our client has lots of collections and clothes, and they require massive space for storage and display. We designed a series of cabinets and wardrobes in blue and beige and such to make them all look plain and fashionable as these colours are always the favourite hit in the eyes of fashion veterans. Our client wants her collections to be seen, so the cabinets are especially glass-made. Her collections hence become the good eye-catching spots whenever our clients' guests visit her house, which makes the house look warm.

Location: Central Park, Olympic, Tung Chung

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