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Modern Light Luxury


Are you dreaming of a comfortable and modern house? Our clients in this project love the feeling of settling down in nature. After discussing with them, we decided to give this house a sense of vigour, relaxation, and modernity by applying the wood colour and marbles all over the place.

Curved Ceiling

The curved ceiling is one of our outstanding designs in this project. We placed different lights evenly on the arced and curved ceiling to create a sense of brightness. Matched with the wall after the sofa, ornamented with straight lines, it gives this house a gorgeous lustre.

Marbles Wall

The marble television wall is another striking and magnificent design. As marbles have a shining texture, it can brightly extend the areas when we look around the house. The marble grain placed from the living room to the dining room can visually create sense of peace, helping our clients relax. Some areas are also gold-framed to create a style of light luxury.

Kids' Loft

Coming to the children's bedroom, taking advantage of the room's ceiling height, we safely and thoughtfully designed a spacious loft for the children: The floor under the loft is for study and storage. The loft is an area for sleeping and reading. Every inch of the room is skillfully and functionally designed so that it can practically expand the space and significantly boost the quality of their children's lives. The room is also decorated with light wood colour to bring more sunlight indoors and widen the reach visually.

Master Bedroom

Simplicity and Comfort is the preferred style asked by our client. We decorated the room with light brown wood grain because it can create a plain, natural and cosy style. Imagining yourself lying in the forest and embracing nature comfortably, isn't it a blessing in life? We also professionally put the warm yellow lights over the room because yellow light is the best option for relaxing. And the platform bed we designed can also create a bigger storage space for our clients, functional and pleasing.

Modern Kitchen

The drawers and electronic appliances are tidily placed when you look inside the kitchen. At the same time, the superb fusion of steel cabinets and dark marble grain are also well-matched. They all bring the fashion vibe and gorgeous style that all of us would love to have.

Locations: Mid-Level, Kowloon

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