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Morandi Fashion


Morandi Colours originated from an Italian painter, Morandi. It is a great hit in the design and renovations industry because his paintings and the colours he used always present a sense of peace and elegance.


Morandi Blue in the living room and Morandi Purple in the master room are the cold colours mixed with grey. These colours can bring our clients a sense of tranquility to relax in all the hustle and bustle. When our clients want to immerse in after-work entertainment, the marble-paved television wall can be a great visual enjoyment. Black and white with marbles grain, integrated perfectly into the house's atmosphere, is a visually-relaxing background that can present the tranquil elegance style for our clients to relax.

Pocket Door

Walking through the pocket door, the area behind it connected to the master bedroom and working room. We adjusted the colour of Morandi Purple according to our personalized design because we intended to create a gentle style contrasted with the bright gold of the bedside lamp as well. Our matching and fusion of colours showed fantastic aesthetics and different visual enjoyment.


Taking advantage of the window wall this house initially has, we put a gauze curtain to help the natural light gently brighten up the house, making the space bright and spacious. On the other side of the house is an elegant open kitchen paved with marbles. The grey mirror on the kitchen island also helped extend the space visually. Simultaneously, it can be a stylish divider to divide the kitchen from the living room, reasonably fashionable and multifunctional.

Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone Flooring, a traditional European Craft, is tidily and exquisitely paved on the ground to strengthen the gorgeous and relaxing style in the house. It is also paved in the working area, echoed with the wooden desk and wooden bookcase, presenting a unified feeling of gentle elegance. Moreover, the Murphy bed we designed for the room can also be a guest room for everyone to lay down when necessary. If our clients do not need the bed, fold it to the wall at any moment, which is a space-saving and superb design for everyone living in Hong Kong.

Location: Liberté, Lai Chi Kok , Kowloon

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