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Who we are


C.M.T. Interior Design was founded in 2008. Our office is near MTR station in TaiKoo.Our team and designers are devoted to providing a one-stop interior design and renovation service. From standard residential flats and luxury houses to commercial projects, our professional and creative designers design unique and personalized homes for every client after our clear communications with you and our dedicated on-the-spot observations. A dream house that fits your needs and love is in your hand. 

C.M.T 成立於2008年,鄰近太古城港鐵站,致力於提供一站式的室內設計和裝修服務。項目類型由住宅設計工程,半山豪宅、獨立屋,商業項目,豐富大型項目經驗。通過我們的深入溝通和現場觀察,我們的專業設計師以創意與經驗,將合適的設計融入戶主的需求,創造獨特的每一個「家」 。


What we think

Every deep communication we have with you, every detailed design we draft for you, and every gorgeous and perfect design we renovate. These processes in interior design always bring us a sense of accomplishment. We also keep an eye on the world's top-tier and world-class interior design projects at all times. We always keep ourselves open-minded and perceive self-upgrading as the core of our service to raise our sense of interior design and integrate them into our projects.



What we do

Our team recently finished renovating the three-bedroom house in City Garden in North Point. After the rearrangements by our team, we created many exclusive multi-functional activity spaces for our client without affecting the original and complex structure of the house. We skillfully utilized the light-tone colours to help widen the place visually. We also applied the round corners for decorations. With perfect colours, a natural vibe, and an overwhelming artistic atmosphere in the house simultaneously, this may be the next dream house for you as if on a staycation.


最近,位於北角城市花園的三房設計項目剛完成,經過 C.M.T 團隊的重新規劃,在不影響的單位結構的情況,創造出數個精緻多功能活動空間。善用淺色系色彩配搭技巧,使空間更加寬敞,採用圓角工藝修飾角落,配色與大自然產生連繫,營造滿滿的藝術氣息,仿如置身酒店「Staycation」。



C.M.T 十分重視每個設計與戶主需求的契合度,確保項目均以高質素的狀態完成。多年來榮獲:

🏆 年度最具信譽室內設計服務公司

🏆 HKPIDA 最佳室內設計公司


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